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Movement Cures the Soul


Having fun while learning is essential to generate motivation, which is why in all team-building programs I use games, initiatives and other learning tools that induce creativity, enthusiasm and motivation in participants.

At the end of a team-building event, it is very important that the team prepares for their return back to the office and for this reason doing an action plan after the hipe of the teambuilding will help enormously the team to sustain and promote all the new learnings discovered during the seminar.

A dysfunctional team becomes a functional team when it works to enhance communication from a “nonviolent” perspective, bringing team members to a high state of connectedness and motivation by removing many of the barriers, judgments, and misconceptions that many sometimes relate to.

"Nonviolent" communication is taking the other person into account, and detecting their needs.

Proactive communication is a combination of attitudes that involve motivation, energy, awareness, observation, and breathing. Putting these 5 elements into practice will drastically improve our levels of personal and group communication.”

The article was written by Robert Brown. Coach and Facilitator.

I am an International Facilitator specialising in team building and personal transformation, I work in Madrid, Spain, as well as other countries in Europe and Thailand.

If you are interested in my content or organizing a teambuilding event or Coaching process, feel free to contact me through my website. Thanks so much.

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