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Beach Yoga


Yoga is the oldest fitness discipline in the world, we have chosen Hatha Yoga as the most balanced form of yoga, as it can be adapted to different age ranges and physical abilities.

Doing Yoga, as a daily practice, will increase your mobility, flexibility and strength restoring your health, body and mind.

We have created different sequences based on the experience of giving classes to many people and groups. From private classes adapted to general mobility problems, back problems, or muscle problems, to sequences aimed at weight loss or simply improving elasticity or joint problems based on immobility or static postures, due to excessive hours sitting.

Type of Yoga I teach

At Karma Adventures Yoga Academy we teach Therapeutic and Integrative HATHA YOGA. 

I understand YOGA as a way to discover and explore our body, through movement and breathing. When you become aware of how you feel inside your body, you can better understand your limitations and how to work on them, to turn them into potential.


The modern trend is to work at very high intensities with our body and muscular system, which generates many injuries and bad postural habits. I think a proper balance between relaxed and high intensity is very important. Not all people need to work at high intensities, since many times their body needs the opposite, to relax and stretch.


When your body's ecosystem is healthier, everything around you becomes attainable and possible. We are all in search of happiness and fulfillment. and certainly, learning and practicing yoga will bring you closer to that feeling.


My main motivation is to convey to you the powerful benefits of yoga through understanding its mechanics and movements. I always teach so that you learn to practice, for yourself, I believe in the guidance of a teacher or teacher for a while, but not forever.


It is in the intimacy of your mat at your own pace, where you will truly understand the depth of Yoga.

I focus my teachings on the Kinesthetics of movement, our bodies are too rigid and contracted, in general, our muscles are shorter than usual, this directly affects our joints and mobility capacity as well as our general emotional state. We are constantly crushed by the force of gravity, so it is vitally important to counteract these energies.

Flexibility comes with practice, each body constitution has a different type of joint elasticity and muscle flexibility. All body systems are interconnected, which is why it is important to start from the basis of good alignment of the skeletal system and the spinal cord, through a conscious and constant practice of Yoga.

Benefits of practising yoga

  • Strengthens the immune system and provides greater resistance to infections.

  • Greater physical and mental resistance.

  • It gives greater elasticity to the body and mind.

  • Psychic and mental peace. Perfect conditioning of the body and metabolism.

  • Balances and restores our nervous system.

  • You will feel more creative.

  • Better response to stressful situations.

  • Regular yoga practice will help us lose weight and control our appetite.

  • Exponentially improves our capacity for movement and agility.

  • Coordinate and synchronize body movements with breathing.

  • Control your mind and thoughts by learning to concentrate.

  • Be more present and aware in all our daily tasks.

  • It will help us in our meditation practices.



Seriously great Yoga teacher


Robert is a really passionate teacher with lots of knowledge. He gave me perfect instructions focused on technique, breathing and practice. I was a newcomer and I paid special attention to my needs and limits, I worked with my strengths and weaknesses. Thanks to his coaching I improved so much within 2 weeks – never have imagined happening - that I am now able to continue on my own. What I really loved was Roberts mixture of spirituality and humor, the possibility to drop in (well – I was so addicted after a few times, that I went almost every day) and the music which accompanied the classes. Many, many thanks, I really loved it!


Teaching Hatha Yoga on the beach  in Senigallia, Italia

We organize onsite  workshops for groups and companies as well as private online workshops. 

We would love to know how to help you and we are happy to talk to you.

My mission as a Yoga teacher

I trained as a Therapeutic Hatha Yoga teacher 8 years ago, it was a moment of important transition in my life, where I found the time and opportunity to discover that we can begin new paths of self-discovery and personal improvement, expanding our comfort zone and challenging ourselves to grow personally.

During my time in Goa I also learned about the principles of the science of Ayurveda, a holistic science that in its philosophy encompasses not only human and natural science but the entire universe. Ayurveda views Yoga as a science of immense healing and therapeutic value. As a medicinal system, Ayurveda recommends the daily practice of yoga to many of its patients.

My previous experience as a sports facilitator and educator helped me in a short time to put into practice my recent knowledge as a yoga teacher, which allowed me to start teaching this discipline in Thailand. 

My path as a Yoga teacher has taken me to teach in Thailand, the Philippines, Budapest and currently in Italy.

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