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Aprendiendo a trabajar en equipo, con juegos e iniciativas que potencian la comunicacion

Mejora el potencial de equipo

 Diseñamos para tu empresa talleres de trabajo en equipo.

Con un enfoque holístico divertido y creativo.


I see and I forget.

         I listen, and I remember.

             I do, and I understand it.


         Tao Tzu, a Chinese Philosopher.

With a wealth of experience collaborating with diverse teams and individuals spanning various ages, professions, and nationalities, we've refined our ability to discern unique needs and tailor learning processes accordingly.

Our facilitation style is distinctive—we empower individuals and teams to uncover and apply their knowledge based on their own experiences and professionalism. At Alma Adventures, we're dedicated to activating communication, empathy, trust, motivation, and enthusiasm, propelling teams toward their objectives.

Our ultimate goal is to leave teams energized and motivated to implement the changes they seek. We work closely with teams to develop actionable plans that engage all members, ensuring swift implementation.

Explore our website to discover more about our distinctive approach and how we can empower your team. Reach out today to schedule a consultation and take the initial step toward realizing your goals."

Games Challenges and activities that promote happiness and teamwork. We are happy to design a custom activity or teach a course that suits your needs.

El gran reto del Muro

Results and expectations

  • Improved communication.

  • Identification and clear definition of mission and values.

  • Get to know more and better the team members.

  • Greater empathy and trust.

  • Definition of roles.

  • Better gender integration.

  • Integration of cultures.

  • Development of creativity.

  • Recognition and valuation.

  • Definition of purpose.

  • Leadership reinforcement.

  • Improve Leadership and self-leadership.

  • More joy and smiles.

  • Have fun.

  • Stress free.

We have designed seminars and workshops on different topics, these are some examples

  • Team cohesion.

  • Integration of teams in company mergers.

  • Cultural integration.

  • Improved communication and teamwork between teachers, parents and students.

  • Teamwork integrating the DISC tool.

  • Annual training plan integrating coaching sessions and team building sessions every 6 months.

  • Conflict resolution.

  • Creativity, projecting the future and daring to imagine.

  • Outdoor training, rafting, high altitude circuit, canoes, trekking, mountain biking, orientation.

  • Leadership development for different Masters and Business Schools.

Our Happy Clients

Roberto has known how to make me think, to be that guide that helps me, to be able to consider my small and big challenges, my goals, my desires, and even achieve them!


Monica Fernandez. Business Support. oberthur

Companies with which we have collaborated

Brands we have collaborated with:

Leroy Merlin, Continental Tires Thailand, Ikea, Volvo, Aki, Li & Fung, Microsoft, Esic, Ministry of Social Affairs and Women, Aena, Company of Business Training, CEU, Phone House, Oberthur Technologies, DataCard, Al Campo, ALD Automate, Ericsson, AMC, Sulzer, La Caixa, Hedima, Oracle, Notary Rafael Sanchez Escudero. 

In South East Asia  I have collaborated as a freelance facilitator with different companies such as: 

 On Campus, Continental, Taboola Metro, PWC,  Sivantos, Crep, Wacker, Sino Group, Ametek, SLB.

What do we offer

  • Experience the importance of working as a team, having fun and understanding more about the qualities that unite us.

  • Improve communication and lose the fear of communicating better.

  • Develop leadership skills that are empathetic and integrative.

  • Reinforce the value of human relationships and the emotional aspect that unites us.

  • Generate non-violent and more empathetic communication.

  • Build confidence in the abilities and skills of each team member. We are all valuable and contribute.

  • Reinforce and recognize individual and team “response capabilities.”

  • Gender integration.

  • Cultural integration.

  • Learn from weaknesses to develop additional strengths and capabilities.

  • Manage stress and emotional response to difficult situations.

  • Inspire respect for the company and the contributions of team members.

  • Focus on results that are beneficial for the company and the team.


Our experience working with teams and teaching with a multitude of people of different ages, professions and nationalities has given us great experience when identifying the needs and learning processes of each person.


We have learned to observe, listen and determine the needs of the teams and the people who form them, our facilitation style is unique, we facilitate so that the person and the team discover and apply their own knowledge, based on their experience and professionalism. Our mission is to activate communication, empathy, trust, motivation and enthusiasm so that the team and the people who make it up can achieve their goals. 


The final objective is for the team to finish the training full of motivation and energy to create the change they want, in addition to designing an action plan in which all team members feel involved, and which is applied in a short space of time. time. 

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