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In Mindful Academy

We create courses that motivate you to take action, motivating teams and people in their transformation processes. 

We offer you different courses and workshops that we teach, in person and online. ​​​​


  • Mindful team training we design teambuildings that provide long-term solutions for teams, helping them generate motivation, well-being and action plans. ​

  • Mindful Wellness we teach yoga, meditation and breathing tools and sequences that provide personal solutions to improve and manage stress, anxiety, mobility and lack of motivation. ​


  • Mindful outdoor training we design programs in nature. We rely on the healing and calming benefits of environments such as the sea, the forest or the mountains, to offer truly special and healing programs.

Team Yoga, helping teams to bec ome better teams

Mindful Academy for Team Training and Teambuilding

We design seminars and workshops in team training and team building. Seminars can be designed to enhance Communication, Leadership, Emotional health, Competencies and cross-functional abilities.  All workshops are designed and tailored to the needs of each team.

Mindful Yoga in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Mindful Academy of Hatha Yoga

We design specialized training and specific workshops on breathing, Yoga, Meditation. We adapt each workshop to the needs of each person or group. We can carry out specific workshops or combine different activities. We work on aspects such as mobility, flexibility, body alignment, back problems, stress, weight loss or motivation.

Breathing Workshop in Budapest

Mindful Academy Breathing workshops

We will immerse ourselves step by step in different breathing techniques that will help us re-educate ourselves to be more aware of our breathing. Conscious breathing helps us be more present in our lives, helping us to better manage moments of stress, be more happy and have greater vitality.  We can combine this workshop with meditation and mindfulness techniques, as well as with teamwork workshops.

Outdoortraining en Sierra de Guara

Outdoortraining workshops and courses

Nature, will be an excellent ally for a few hours or days to discover and learn new skills that will provide us with tranquility and greater connection with ourselves. Discovering new sports or developing new skills gives us immense satisfaction and develops our self-esteem, giving us confidence to then face or resolve other areas of our life. 

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