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Breathing Workshop

Learning to breathe is an essential part of our life, breathing is the only thing that brings us closer to feeling more present in everything we do, and having a life that is not only long but also full of vitality and joy.

I invite you to try this simple exercise; stop, for a moment, close your eyes and observe your breathing, feel it, discover how you breathe...

Good job!

Now let's try something else, see if:

  • Is your breathing short or long?

  • Can you inhale deeply and exhale deeply?

  • Do you feel the need to breathe more through your mouth or nose?

  • Is your breathing continuous or discontinuous?

  • Observing is the first step to learn to breathe again.

We usually take the process of breathing for granted, as it is something we do naturally and autonomously, and we don't take the time to be aware of how we breathe. But breathing, like our body, needs training and the better we breathe, the better quality of life we will have.

Getting intimate with our breathing and observing it is the first step to developing greater awareness of how we breathe.

Breathing better is the path to greater awareness and mindfulness. The way we breathe determines our attitude towards life and everything related to it, family, relationships, work.

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Objectives of this breathing workshop

We will immerse ourselves step by step in different breathing techniques that will help us re-educate ourselves to be more aware of our breathing, learning to use breathing better in different life situations.

Some of the specific objectives that we propose are:

  • Basic breathing techniques

  • Breathing techniques to control stress.

  • Breathing and presence.

  • Types of breathing. 

  • Breathing and Meditation

  • Diaphragmatic breathing.

Benefits of the Breathing Workshop

The benefits of correct breathing are immense and have been studied by modern science, some of these benefits are:

  • Reduces blood pressure.

  • Strengthens the muscles of the respiratory system.

  • Increase your lung capacity.

  • Stimulates the lymphatic system.

  • Reduces anxiety states.

  • Regulates blood acidity.

  • Regulates body weight.

  • You feel more focused and relaxed.

  • You increase states of consciousness and presence.

  • You will be more positive and proactive.

  • Increased state of presence.

  • Better attitude in difficult situations.

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