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Do you breathe?


A large part of the population, especially in the West, doesn´t breathe well, especially due to stress and a lifestyle marked by excessive use of technology and long hours sitting in chairs indoors and in cities laden with pollution.

Breathing is life, "Pura Vida" as they say in Costa Rica, not breathing implies dying in a short space of time, minutes, but it is not

necessary to stop breathing to die, we can also die little by little if we do not pay more attention to our breathing. Breathing is expansion, it is movement, when we breathe we feed our body with energy.

Have we ever wondered how we are alive? Why do we move, think, talk, run, and walk? what moves our physical, spiritual, mental and psychic bodies, and where does all this energy come from? Our heart gives us life every day, it is like a great battery that does not stop working day and night, day after day. When we are born, that is, when we leave our mother's womb, the first thing we do is breathe, our first breath of air, which connects us with the universe and with our hearts to become individual and self-sufficient beings, we no longer need the umbilical cord to continue living. Already with that first breath, we have activated our energy system for our entire life.

How do I breathe? It is the first question you should ask yourself, simply take the time to observe and listen to yourself as you breathe. Breathing is the primordial base of our existence, it is the centre of the mandala and from that centre, the rest of our life expands.

If you inhale deeply you will notice how from the centre of the thorax, your whole body expands, not just the chest, in that expansion when you activate your diaphragm, your lungs and your heart, that expansion is transmitted to the whole body, from the crown of the head to the tip of your toes, every pore of your skin opens and even the hairs on your arms or legs stand on end to connect you with the subtle environment.

Breathe and when you forget, come back to your breath.

The article was written by Robert Brown, Facilitator - Coach and Yoga teacher. I organize teambuilding in Spain, Europe, and Thailand.

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