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Beach Yoga in Italy 2023


At Alma Adventures we offer workshops and activities that promote personal health. We use HATHA YOGA, MEDITATION AND BREATHING as catalysts to explore the ways in which we can implement various practices in our lives that promote a full and happy life. It is incredible the power it has for a work team to practice YOGA together, providing an unforgettable experience.

Wellness program for teams

We have created a very attractive program specially designed to teach a series of proven useful tools to take care of our health and increase our levels of presence, full attention, mobility, and tensions produced by excessive sedentary lifestyle.

Click on each discipline to learn more.



The 4 disciplines are very extensive in their practice and dedication but we have created a program that condenses the most beneficial and easy exercises. A practice easily adaptable to our daily lives.

We have divided the 3 disciplines into different sections perfectly described and supported by a manual. In this way we can divide the practice according to the time we have available each day.


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